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The "Dear Little Mother" Project

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the henry for music "dear little mother" project

the henry for music "dear little mother" project

the henry for music "dear little mother" project


In honor of Mother's Day, Henry For Music offered its students a chance to participate in making music to bring joy into their lives, and also into their mother's lives. 

During "these challenging and uncertain times", joy through music comes through accomplishment and overcoming. In support of Henry For Music, Disney Broadway composer David Friedman took some time to orchestrate the different parts to the beautiful song composition "Dear Little Mother".

A special "virtual concert" project was put together featuring some of our students of Youth Orchestra United along with their mentors and Teaching Artists honoring the women in their lives.

Friedman, singer/songwriter of “We Can Be Kind”, was conductor of the music scores for Disney's animated features, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and was vocal contractor for Mulan

Songs written by Friedman have been featured in the Disney films Aladdin and the King of Thieves, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Bambi 2, in the movie Salsa and in three animated television series; Happy Ness, Sky Dancers, and Dragon Flyz. (Wikipedia)

View the Trailer: https://youtu.be/XqlqaQOXQ-g

Watch the Video Premiere: https://youtu.be/fpz_w5H5S_Ion 

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Safety

the henry for music "dear little mother" project

the henry for music "dear little mother" project


Currently, classes are outside of school due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) safety concerns. 

Please consider keeping yourselves healthy by following guidelines in the following resources:  


the henry for music "dear little mother" project



Dear Henry For Music Students and Parents and Supporters:

We hope you are doing well and staying safe! We thank you for keeping in touch with us and hope you understand that we have chosen to postpone our first-ever benefit and other events. 

The dates are to-be-announced, so stay please tuned.

It is important to keep students engaged with a "Joy Through Music" so we hope you've been using the tools we provided and remember to share any new ideas or concerns you'd like us to follow up on.

Prior to the CDC-recommended quarantine, our students were learning various songs for upcoming concerts, and have since picked up new material to learn. We are excited to present their progress to you going forward. 

Behind the scenes, we are striving to continue offering musical support throughout this concerning period of Quarantine including video music-creation projects, developing more content for student engagement, video learning and improved usage of the  Henry For Music Google Classroom. 

Stay safe and healthy!


Beautiful life changes are often facilitated by music...

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