"Joy Through Music"

Mission Statement

Obtain donations of used or unwanted musical instruments for children in a music band, orchestra or class who can not participate because of the cost.

Results: Within 3 months in our partnership to Communities in Schools-Henry, we received donations of 13 instruments (trumpets, clarinets, trombones, keyboards, violins and guitars). Seven kids have now been placed into their middle school band allowing to begin participation in 2016. Since then, over 250 of instruments have been placed in the hands of middle students. A surplus of donated strings instruments sparked the 2018 launch of the Youth Orchestra United Program in which students Pre-K through High School public- and home-schooled students participate receiving musical instruction from Henry For Music Teaching Artists. Instruments qualified by our music store partners as "unserviceable" have been designated as "parts for use" donations and/or donated by Henry For Music to local artists for charity and public awareness events.

Target demographics: Any child in a music band, orchestra or class who can not participate because of the cost, to have a musical instrument to learn to play.

Direct beneficiaries per year: Seven (7) kids to get into their middle school band/orchestra with instrument in hand.

Geographic areas served: Communities In Schools - Henry County Schools, Georgia

Programs: Obtain donation of used musical instruments for school kids and Youth Orchestra United for school kids without access to an orchestra teacher.

Causes: Arts & Culture, Arts Education



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